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Northwest Storage Has the Cure for Document Storage in Calgary

Self-Serve Versus Full-Serve Document Storage
If a desk or office overrun with papers and documents is a familiar sight in your office, you need Northwest Storage’s document storage service! We offer both a self-serve and a full-serve option, the details and monthly rates of which are detailed below.

About Self-Serve Document Storage

Self-serve is just like renting a self-storage locker, only Northwest Storage supplies the shelving! Only files and records may be stored in these units. We highly recommend using only standard size file boxes, as that is what the shelves were designed to hold. You are responsible for organizing and keeping track of your own boxes.

Self-Serve Storage Rates

All prices shown exclude GST.





*Based on standard size file box
**Prices subject to change without notice

About Full-Serve Document Storage

With our full-serve option, your files will be stored in an area that only Northwest Storage staff may access. It is your responsibility to keep a detailed list of the contents of each box and assign each box a unique number for tracking purposes. When you need to access a box, just call and provide our staff with the number of the box needed, and we’ll retrieve it for you. Retrieved boxes can be placed in our viewing room to be looked through, picked up by someone, or couriered out.

Apart from full-serve’s fixed monthly rent, there are no charges for retrieving or filing boxes. Please provide 24-hour minimum notice to have boxes pulled.

Full-Serve Storage Rates

All prices shown exclude GST.

# of Shelves*
2 (minimum)
Each additional

Monthly Cost

*Each shelf holds 28 standard file boxes.

Additional shelves can be added as your file storage needs grow.

File Division Hours

Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Closed on holidays.

Start protecting your items today!

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