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Ease Your Storage with Our Storage Tips

Managing where and how your valuables are stored can be tiresome. Northwest Storage wants to ease this burden for you with tips for the following storage topics:

General Storage

Whether at home or work, you could probably do with more space. Take a look at the following suggestions to see how you can give yourself more room while keeping or storing your valuables:

  • Fill drawers of dressers, wardrobes, and other furniture with more items than just clothes
  • Dismantle furniture for extra space whenever possible
  • Place heavy furniture, such as couches, tables, and desks, at the end of a room to maximize vertical space
  • Store your furniture with blankets or furniture pads to avoid damaging them
  • Store lampshades and lamp bases separately in wrapped packaging for protection
  • Stack any chairs in a seat-to-seat form; wrap their legs to avoid damaging them
  • Tape any movable parts of furniture so they don’t bump into anything when moving
  • Drain all appliances of liquid before storing them to prevent water and mildew damage
  • Discard any vacuum bags that are inside the vacuum before storing the appliance
  • Prevent metal items from rusting in storage by wiping them with oil
  • Get a heated storage unit for leather items to maintain their softness
  • Store all clothing on hangers in wardrobe boxes to keep them dry and free from mildew
  • Keep mattresses stored in mattress bags during transit or storage

Rental Storage Unit Organization

Make the most of your rental storage unit’s space with us by acting on the following suggestions:

  • Place items that you know you will need to use frequently near the front of your unit
  • Never stack items that are heavy or sharp on top of upholstery or delicate items when moving them into the unit
  • Never store items that are wet
  • Add shelving to your unit for more storage space
  • Create a map of where your items are situated so you don’t get lost looking for them
  • Stack light items on top of heavy ones
  • Protect items from dust with blankets
  • Keep your unit locked when you are away from it
  • Never store combustible items
  • Throw out any items that you know you won’t actually use

Self-Storage Insurance

To get the most protection for your valuables, you should look into getting self-storage insurance. While your homeowners’ insurance may cover property in storage, it will only do so for a month or two. If you need a longer period of storage than this, self-storage insurance will help.

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to call us today for help!

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